Sunday, June 18, 2017

Spanish Guerillas

Here are my spanish guerillas. This is about half the Hat Spanish Guerilla kit, the other half being militia, which will be appearing here on the blog in sequence.

I never painted that many skirmishers' bases at once, but now I have enough to come up with 4 small units of those guys. Plenty to harass those nasty french columns!



An interesting fact about this set is that 2 sculptors of rather distinct styles worked on those minis, some models being slim and more realistically proportioned, others being bulkier and a bit more heroically scalled, instead. My preference goes for the first, but overall those are pretty cool sculpts, only I could not mix those models on the same base, lest it'd look a bit off.


Among those skirmishers are a few dressed as militia, which I might use together with my regimented militia, to represent a mixed order formation.





Each of my small units of skirmishers comprises 6 bases of 2 models each, like the one pictured below:


Next up, the spanish militia!